Join us as Lynn Mitchell leads us to Steps to Christ, the only One Who is able to meet the needs of the soul. As we spend time in this book doubts will be erased and the pathway to peace will be found. You can participate in the program by dialing in at 605-475-4850 Access Number 222587.

The Council of Adventist Pastors recently became aware of a new, independently produced video we think will help viewers better understand the crisis over women's ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. While deeper study is important, this captivating animation provides a concise overview of the ordination crisis. Viewers are invited to join us in sharing this presentation far and wide!


This is an evangelistic ministry with the focus on reaching all of God's people with the saving power of Lord Jesus Christ. We seek to use the last minutes of these last days to calls lost souls into the kingdom of God before the trumpet finally blows. It is our goal to bring comfort, peace, joy, and deliverance to all. We also strive to bring truth in the midst of error.

Simple Bible Studies. . .

- The Bible - Happy Happy Home
- The Origin of Sin - The Law and Grace
- Salvation - Jesus
- Heaven - The Sabbath
- Faith - Change of Sabbath
- Prayer - The Seal of God
- Oil of the Spirit - The Second Coming
- Baptism - The True Church
- Destination of Evil - Not Enough Room
 The Christian Life - God's Health Plan
- Death?  
Everyday Bible Studies. . .
- Speaking in Tongues - Christian Dress
- Forgiveness - Victory Over Sin
- Morality or Immorality - Covered: His Righteousness
- Entertainment - Guaranteed Security


Tune in today.