David Ephraim unpacks the book "Last Day Events" by Ellen G. White. He reviews each chapter, connecting them to supporting biblical passages. If you have ever been interested in the final days of mankind as we know it, you will not want to miss any of these presentations.

Wednesday Nights @ 9pm (ET)

 Date  Presentation Topic  Listen or Download
 Wed, 01/10/2018  Earth Last Crisis, p. 11  Click to Listen
 Wed, 01/17/2018  Last Day Prophecies Demand Our Attention, p. 14  Click to Listen
 Wed, 01/24/2018  Keeping Future Events in Proper Perspective, p. 17  Click to Listen
 Wed, 01/31/2018  False Prophets, p. 20  Click to Listen
 Wed, 02/14/2018  Wars and Disasters, p. 24  Click to Listen
 Wed, 02/21/2018  When Shall These Things Be, p. 32  Click to Listen
 Wed, 02/28/2018  The Delay of Christ Return Explained, p. 37 -39  Click to Listen
 Wed, 03/07/2018  A Limit to God's Forbearance, p. 39 - 40  Click to Listen

 Date  Presentation Topic  Listen or Download
 Wed, 08/02/2017  The Foundation of the Sanctuary, Part 1  Click to Listen
 Wed, 08/09/2017  The Encampment, Part 2  Click to Listen
 Wed, 08/16/2017  The Encampment, Part 3  Click to Listen
 Wed, 08/23/2017  The Encampment, Part 4  Click to Listen
 Wed, 08/30/2017  The Encampment, Part 5  Click to Listen
 Wed, 09/06/2017  In the Courtyard, Part 1  Click to Listen
 Wed, 09/13/2017  The Courtyard: The Altar of Sacrifice  Click to Listen
 Wed, 09/20/2017  The Courtyard: The Laver  Click to Listen
 Wed, 09/27/2017  The Holy Place: The Lamp Stand  Click to Listen
 Wed, 10/04/2017  The Holy Place: The Table of Shewbread  Click to Listen
 Wed, 10/25/2017  The Holy Place: The Altar of Incense  Download
 Wed, 11/15/2017  The Most Holy Place, Part 1 - How do we get there  Download
 Wed, 11/29/2017  The Most Holy Place, Part 2 - The Ark of Covenant & What's inside  Click to Listen
 Wed, 12/06/2017  The Most Holy Place, Part 3 - The Foundation of the Cleansing  Click to Listen

The Council of Adventist Pastors recently became aware of a new, independently produced video we think will help viewers better understand the crisis over women's ordination in the Seventh-day Adventist Church. While deeper study is important, this captivating animation provides a concise overview of the ordination crisis. Viewers are invited to join us in sharing this presentation far and wide!

Danel Ashley Morris

Just Us Senior Youth

1st & 3rd Sunday's

7:30 pm EST

Zion Fesseha

The Great Controversy


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Janice Ephraim

Last Day Event


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Mario Petrovalle

The Great Controversy


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Ivan Raj

Just Us Young at Heart


9 pm EST

David Ephraim

The Sanctuary

Get a deeper understanding of the Earthly and Heavenly Sanctuary


9 pm EST


David Ephraim

A Study in the Word


8 pm, EST

Janice Ephraim

Morning Devotions

6 am EST


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