Study Materials

Everything from Bible study guides to tracts

Weekly Study Guides - Study guides for Juniors, Teens, Youth, Young Adults and Adults. Grow daily as you study on your own.

Bible Studies - Scripture tells us to STUDY or SEARCH it. Each week the members of my church gather to study the Word. We offer a series of Bible studies, translated into 38 major languages, so you can study for yourself.

Tracts - Tracts that speak to issues of the day like: Teaching Children to Deal with Divorce, Drug Close to Home, God's Answers to Your Questions, Helping Those Who Lost Loved One to Violence and more.

Discover Bible Course - Understand the major themes of the Bible with these 26 thought-provoking and inspiring lessons. Receive either the basic Bible course, Discover, or our advanced Focus on Prophecy course absolutely free of charge. Both are available by mail in the U.S. and Canada, and Discover is also offered worldwide as an online course at this website.

God Is Love - This is a 25-part series that looks at the love of God as He reveals himself in prophecy.

  Bible Studies:

    - The Bible

    - The Origin of Sin

    - Salvation

    - Heaven

    - Faith

    - Prayer

    - Oil of the Spirit

    - Baptism

    - Destination of Evil

    - The Christian Life

    - Death

    - Happy Happy Home

    - The Law and Grace

    - Jesus

    - The Sabbath

    - Change of Sabbath

    - The Seal of God

    - The Second Coming

    - The True Church

    - Not Enough Room

    - God's Health Plan

Everyday Bible Studies:

    - Speaking in Tongues

    - Forgiveness

    - Morality or Immorality

    - Entertainment

    - Christian Dress

    - Victory Over Sin

    - His Righteousness

    - Guaranteed Security